Top 20 Best & Most Popular Torrent Sites List For Movies, Games, Music and eBooks

Do you want to get all latest Games, Movies, Ebooks, and TV series for free? Then You should know about what is called Torrent sites. Torrentz are basically a community of millions of computers which allow you to transfer files from and to them at a very fast rate. These torrent sites allow you to download any kind of files like any TV Series, Any paid Games, Any paid books and many other.

What is the Torrent?

Torrent is nothing but a file with .torrent extension. This type of file will contain the all the information related to the file you want to download. These type of files are available on best torrent sites. These type of files when loaded on torrent client software like Bit Torrent, will allow transferring files directly from the server which is also called as peer to peer file transfer.

Why we need Torrent Download Sites?

Well, Many of the Softwares or Games doesn’t have a free trail. In that case, we can use these top torrent sites to download cracked version of that software and try it for few days. If you really like it, We can actually go for purchasing. Thus, these saving lot of money for the game freak like me. The same is the case with Ebook and Movies.

What are the prerequisites before downloading Torrent files?

Torrent files you download from free torrent sites will actually need “Torrent Client Software”.  If you are a regular PC user, We strongly recommend you to install BitTorrent software as it will support thousands of files from thousands of websites. If you an Android user, You can use Utorrent, aTorrent apps  as torrent clients. iOS users can install the BitTorrent app from app store.

Many of the sites are available on the internet are not reliable in these days. Some of the famous and good torrent sites were shut down in recent times. In this scenario, We have come up with the info on all the latest and fully functional torrent websites. As written on many websites torrent sites will install viruses on your systems. We have tried our best to avoid all those websites. Some of these sites are using ads but they are not annoying. So, Let’s get into the list of free torrent download sites.

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15+ Top Free, Good, Safe, Movie, Music eBook Torrent Sites:

All the websites listed here may go down for some time. Please be patience. If they permanently go down, We will remove them from the list. So, we will keep updating this list of websites when we find some best new sites. So, guys go through all the websites listed here and select the best website depending on your requirements as some websites are popular for some specific categories.


TorrentFunk is a very good torrent site for movies and music. This website only allows verified torrents. Thus, We can avoid viruses and all junk while using it. In the security aspect, this website will be one the best torrent sites available on the internet.

14) is a very famous website to download torrents for free. This website has the team to check every torrent that uploaded. Thus, they are giving us more secure service. This website is very famous in India. You can go to the site to know what they offer to the users.

13) is one of the very famous torrent download sites which is popular for Ebooks. This website may got blocked in some countries, You can use VPN to access it from anywhere. This website got very clean user interface with less number of adds. If you want to get Ebooks, you should try this out.

12) is one of the best torrent sites available to get all the latest Hollywood Movies and TV series. SeedPeer is basically a torrent search engine has the connection with many torrent providers. Once you search for any movie, you would end up with multiple sources. That’s the beauty of SeedPeer.


If you are a Game freak, You must try out as it has numerous free games. The user interface of this website is very good. As this website allows only virus-free files, the health of this website is rather high compared to all the other top torrent sites.

10) is another good torrent website available for all the users. BitNoop is the first option for movie lovers like me. If you try this website once, you will definitely like it. The downside of this web site, it contains a huge number of ads. It contains a lot of ads which are very annoying. Other than that BitNoop is the best torrent sites in the market.

9) is another very good website to get all latest Music and movies for free. The best part of this website is its health. The team of TorLock is very much concerned about user satisfaction. They are continuously removing fake torrent files. In this way, this is one of the safest torrent sites available on the internet.


If you are a very good lover of Hollywood movies & TV Shows, You should try It contains torrent files for almost all the latest Hollywood movies. EZtv is also famous for Music. You can get torrentz of all the latest music for free on this website. This free torrent site has a very good user interface. You would definitely like it.

7) is another best movie torrent sites on the internet. The best thing about this website is, All new movie torrents are available on this. Clean user interface and a wide range of database are additional advantages of this torrenting site. This is the reason I have added it to the top 10 torrent site list. Popup ads are the only annoying thing about this site.


This website is established in 2015 but gains huge popularity within the short time. It is on the list of best torrents sites 2016. Because it has torrents for all the latest stuff from Ebooks to movies. One million users are accessing this website every month. 2000 GB of data is transferring from servers of this website every week. This website is also the partner of Bittorrent.


Best torrent sites is one of the very old and best torrenting sites trending in recent times. Torrents from this website are compatible with the a large number of torrent client software. It’s also producing torrentz for multiple categories. In fact, this is also one of my favourite torrent download sites.


top torrent sites is one of the finest websites to get torrents of latest movies, TV Shows, Music, Ebooks, and Games.  After Kick ass torrentz closed, YIFY-torrent is the best to substitute for it. As it has the smooth user interface and a wide variety of database, it is attracting users from different parts of the globe so easily.


torrenting sites is one of the best Ebook torrent sites for book readers. I love this website because it has fewer ads and multiple sources for the single file. In my personal experience, I found out that this site is offering the fastest file transfer service. The search bar of this website gives you the most accurate results.


movie torrent sites is one of the few best torrent sites I have ever seen. It is the ocean of torrents. You can download any kind of movies, Games, Music, TV Shows and TV Shows for free. In the recent times, this website has been the most reliable source of torrents. With the less number of ads, this website becomes most attractive torrent website ever.


Kickass torrents

This is the king of all torrent websites and very well know as “Kick Ass Torrents” in past days. After Kick ass torrents were down, this website has been renamed and now made available with another mirror link . Being the King of all top torrent sites, It has a vast database of million of Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music and Books arranged in different categories. With the simple user interface and less number of ads this website gains a huge popularity.

Wrapping it up:

Being a human, we do not encourage you to use torrents. As said above, you should only use it for testing purpose to respect the copyrights. All the above mentioned Best torrent sites are tested. you can use them without any hassle. Had I missed any torrent site? If you feel so, throw it in comments. We will definitely add it to the list. Don’t forget to share this post.

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